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This is a private class with no more then 10 students for optimized learning.

*Secure your seat before it's full*

-5hr class from 0800-1pm.

-Route 66 Shooting Sports Park: 15810 Cajon Blvd, San Bernardino CA 92407

This includes access to our online class that is a ($79 value free) You only have to provide your gun & ammo or buy 200 9mm rounds off us for $80. Gun rentals are available but ask us first.

This is an intermediate pistol class. This class is ideal for you if you have already had some training and are a decent shooter. In this class you’ll learn how to master the trigger, shoot faster, manage recoil, get on your next shot quicker. Speed reloads and tactical reloads, drawing, how to get your gun back in the fight if it were to stop working, known as a failure to fire drills, and basic moving while shooting. In this class you’ll start to lean how to fight with the gun, and run with the gun, you’ll learn principles of winning a gun fight, to make you better equipped and more prepared.

Route 66 Shooting Sports Park: 15810 Cajon Blvd, San Bernardino CA 92407

Things to bring:
  • Your Pistol: Semi-automatic pistol. Like your Glocks/Sigs/HK. This is a modern pistol class. Not revolver.
  • 200 rounds for your pistol, please ask us if you need to buy ammo off us.
  • 9mm is $80 for 200 rounds (Background Check Required)
  • Outdoor shoes for dirt
  • A Belt for your pants to hold a holster
  • Holster, IWB, or OWB. Concealed holster or exposed is ok. If you don’t have a holster, please let us know so we can accommodate
  • Sunglasses or protective eyewear
  • Hearing protection: We will have Foamy ear pro-on-site if you don’t have any.
  • Sun Screen
  • Water
  • Snack for yourself
Bring your PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. It’s a Military thing, we always tell people to bring their PMA. Come out and prepare for a fun, safe environment. We take safety very seriously so that we can enjoy good training. We look forward to seeing you there!