Class Information

  • Who: Neoteric Arm
  • What: Is hosting elite semi-auto modern pistol training (Neoteric Pistol Foundation) (not revolvers)
  • This course is ideal for you if you are a new shooter or never had a formal lesson.
  • When: (Course you purchase) from 0800-1 pm. 5 hours Plus access to their online 1 hour training that retails for $80, free if you sign up for the in-person class.
  • Why: Because it’s time to learn how to protect you, and your family with high pedigree formal firearms training.
  • Ammo available. You can purchase Ammo from me on location 50 rounds for $30, and 200 rounds for $120. 
  • Where: Route 66 Shooting Sports Park: 15810 Cajon Blvd, San Bernardino CA 92407
  • How: There are only 10 seats in this private class. We’ll have our own private large bay.