Sing up for a July Training Date

Meet your instructor: Daniel Valencia

I have been formally instructing weapons for the past 15 years. I am a U.S. Navy veteran, with a total of 4 deployments overseas. During my entire service I was a military firearms instructor. Half my time I was attached to a ship, I ran the ships armory, and was a shooting instructor for the crew, I was also on a special team where we did a lot of maritime interdiction's, drug trafficking, weapons embargoes, and modern-day piracy. The other half of my service I was attached to special warfare, where I was a support  personnel in the group. I was their armorer and weapons technician, and a shooting instructor for the support personals attached to the group. After my service I got into competitive shooter, and I regularly go to events to compete at a higher level. I also have experience in the high-end Executive Protection industry and have protected big names and CEO’s. I have personally shot over a million rounds, have a depth of knowledge around teaching guns, the protection industry, and caring concealed. I took a combination of my experiences and hand crafted the best, and most efficient way to shoot a handgun, and put it in an easy to understand class for you. I am happy that you are reading this, and you are here. It ensures that you care for the safety and security of yourself and your family. I would be happy to meet you at one of our classes.